This weekend had been hectic. I am now writing an essay about writer Sujatha Rangarajan’s on Tamil Linux. For now, here is my mail to my friends in Tamil Linux Community, enclosing the disappointing, curt response from Sujatha.

More will follow soon. Hello all,

After a long wait and a series of persuasive emails through TamilPC project, his personal contacts and finally directly to him, I received the following one line curt reply to my long email seeking to clarify the miscommunication. With his abundant access to the popular media, it is very simple and easy for him to have just made one statement, acknowledging the valuable contributions of volunteers in various Tamil Linux, Open Source, Free Software projects. His brushing aside the whole community is really very disappointing. My image about him is crumbling.

I now get a feeling that this, after all, is not miscommunication, but a willing abuse of his powers in the media for self promotion. So, we are left with no choice but to call the bluff.

I hate to do this, but we are now left with no choice. I am now preparing an essay to be forwarded to popular tamil media. As is always our practice, I will send the beta version of my essay to some pioneers here to get the feedback before we release to the public.

I have decided not to publicize my original letter to him, as people may read it wrong and use it for a personal attack on him/his project. Our aim, after all, is to motivate people in the real ideals that we believe is good for our society.


S.Rangarajan wrote:

your long letter has been abswered see the FAQ

—– Original Message —–
From: V. Venkataramanan
To : Sujatha
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2003 7:23 AM
Subject: Tamil PC Project

> Dear Mr. Sujatha,
> A few days back, I tried sending this letter to you through Tamil PC
> group email. I was informed by Mr. Shashidhar that indeed was forwarded
> to your attention. As I still do not get either a direct response or in
> any popular media, I am apprehensive of it having reached you. There was
> also another mail from Mr. Muguntharaj (Tamil Mozilla and Open Office
> Team Leader), similar to my questions and I feel your direct response
> may help in avoiding miscommuniation. Today, one of my friends gave me
> these email addresses as your current. So, I am forwarding my old mail.
> I am looking forward to your response,
> Warm regards,
> venkat