For a hobbyist photographer it is always an immense pleasure when someone appreciates your work. I used to go for Royal Botanical Garden, (Burlington, Ontario) Annual Shows and in 2009 gathered enough courage to enter two of my photos (maximum allowed per person). Was surprised to receive the Third and First prize for both of them. The surprise did not end there; the first prize winning photo of yellow Phalaenopsis was also awarded the Scott and Milne Award for Best in Class (Digital Photography and Digital Arts).
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The following year I displayed my works at Southern Ontario Orchid Society (SOOS) Valentine Day show and got the First in Digital Photography for Yellow Paphiopedilum (popularly known as Lady Slipper Orchid) and First Prize in Digital Arts for another Paphiopedilum flower modified with digital brushes. These awards were even more satisfying as it was a crowded competition and I was the only non-professional to exhibit there.
photocrati gallery

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