Multi-touch Surfaces Round up

There seem to be a good interest emerging on Multi-touch Displays. At CES 2012, so far MultiTaction and 3M have showcased their latests. (click on the image to see the gallery).

3M display is a 40-inches table with 1080p resolution.  It supports 20 concurrent touches (theoretically up to 60 concurrent touches) and runs on Windows 7. The Verge reports that at CES 2012, the 3M display was running off a Mac Mini.

Microsoft has been touting its Surface technology for a long time.   It looks like the concept of multi-touch interactive table display is finally garnering momentum. Samsung announced its SUR40, a few weeks ago. As the model name suggests it is a 40 inches display at 1920 x 1080 resolution. Samsung’s product is already available in the market.

MultiTaction’s Cell MT550W7 was unveiled at CES 2012 today.  It is a giant 55 inches display.  It uses its own patented optical imaging technology Computer Vision Through Screen method. Though it runs on Windows 7 (upgradable to Windows 8, when available), it is a direct competitor to Microsoft Surface technology.

Sometime at the end of 2010, Pioneer Corporation announced a touch table concept.  I was watching for the commercial product of that.  Pioneer is now marketing it as a classroom board, with a very japanese name Cyberboard.  But it is available only in Japan.

We have an aspiring multi-touch wannabe in Touch Unicom within our department’s entrepreneurship program.  Their focus is not on the hardware, but collaborative workspace software and security.

Perhaps a mention should also be made of Perspective Pixel, that pioneered the concept, with CNN adopting it for its 2008 presidential election telecast, Magic Wall.

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