The Next Dimension : Holography Show

My department, the Institute for Optical Science at University of Toronto is hosting an exhibit of holograms made by our students in the holography course, run jointly by the Physics Department and the Institute for Optical Sciences. In this course, students learn both the science and the art of holography by working hands-on in the studio, producing holograms that are stunning both technically and artistically. The exhibit features 24 of the best holograms made over the past 4 years:

The Next Dimension: Holograms from the Institute for Optical Sciences

Creating 3 dimensional holographic images on 2 dimensional surfaces requires a unique blend of technical expertise and aesthetic consideration. The 24 pieces featured in this exhibition have been produced by undergraduate students from the Holography for 3D Visualization course hosted by the Institute for Optical Sciences (IOS) and comprises the largest holography collection currently on display in Canada. As the final product of a highly collaborative process between science and art students, these pieces embody the combined experience of individuals with widely varying interests to create visually stunning and technically sophisticated works of art.

Opening Reception: November 8, 2011, 5-7PM

University of Toronto Art Centre — Art Lounge

15 King’s College Circle, Toronto

Exhibit duration: November 8 to December 2

If you would like more information or visit this exhibit, do not hesitate to contact me.

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