Requirements to read Frontiers in Bioscience Journal

Science advances rapidly, technology leaps, however scientific journals can not keep pace with them.  Frontiers in Bioscience journal has the following system requirements to browse the journal:

The minimum system requirements for browsing the journal and the virtual library are as follows:

Computer: A 486 or Pentium PC, with Windows 3.11 or preferably higher. Apple/Macintosh PC with System 6.0 or greater

Hardware: 8Mb or more RAM, video card with 1-2 megabytes of VRAM, video accelerator, video camera, sound card, CD-ROM drive

Whoa!  This is 2011 and you have to be told that you need Win 3.11 or higher, Mac 6.0 or greater.  Make sure you have at least 8 Mb of  RAM and a video card with 2 Mb of VRAM.   That is all great, how do I use my CD-ROM drive while browsing an internet site!

You can view the “Frontiers in Bioscience” using different types of browsers. However, we recommend the most recent version of Netscape or Internet Explorer. Your browser should have the capability of showing graphics and handling frames. … Maxthon which was known as MyIE2 is a full featured browser with many security features and unique attributes not found in other browsers. FBS supports the use of this browser.

Finally I found someone credible talking about (let also recommending) Maxthon browser!  And while they link to IE and Maxthon, they do not tell me where can I get the newest Netscape!

Amazed by the technologies used by Frontiers in Bioscience, I checked Journal of Medieval History, …just in case. Works fine in my iPAD running on iOS 5!

Via Improbable Research

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