LED Shower Head

There is an ongoing deal

$39 for a 7-Colors Changing Shower Head With LED Light from ZoomaFX (value $89) Online Deal – Tax included

I believe this is very timely as there is an emerging need for energy efficiency in Color Therapy! This could also revolutionize color aromatherapy industry (shower instead of bath) in as much as McDonalds fundamentally altered the fabric of restaurant industry.

Each color of the spectrum of light vibrates at a different frequency thereby giving you its own special qualities and influence. Color has its own powerful language. Since our human development begins in a water environment (the womb and giver of life), imagine the strength and power when color and water are combined!

Red, Orange and Yellow are “warm” stimulating colors which give us physical energy. Blue, Green, Indigo and Violet are “cold” calming colors. And for your further enjoyment we have added Pink and Turquoise.

Hat tip to Dave McMillan for the LED Shower Head info.

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