Big Brother : MJ Akbar’s view from India

Guardian features this nice take of M J Akbar on the Big Brother scene. Well written.

…the Times. This august organ, unable to verify such a lofty incident for itself, reported that the Indian media had:

“also noticed an exchange between Jade Goody’s boyfriend Jack Tweedy and Shilpa. In the incident, featured in the Celebrity Big Brother highlights, Tweedy’s comment was bleeped out – although there were reports that he had called her a ‘…ing Paki’. A Channel 4 spokeswoman denied that he had used that phrase.”

I wonder why British media had not noticed this. Maybe they were in the pub? In the following paragraph, a large number of big words were used to disguise one small word:

“A spokesman for the programme said that the social interactions and dynamics of the group were integral to the Big Brother story and viewers had a right to see them. However, there was a need for this to be balanced with the duty not to broadcast offensive material.”

Social. Interactions. Dynamics. Integral. Knock me down with a beanstalk celebrity: Is this television or a thesis on cultural dissonance among the remoter tribes of Samoa? That sounds suspiciously like a huge number of letters to screen four letters. Still, we do have an admission. Clearly there was “offensive material”.

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