Whom does Mr. John Dvorak quotes in him PC Magazine article?

I read John Dvorak’s today article Will Apple Adopt Windows with great suspicion from the very beginning. Quoting a psychology professor to prove his premonition that apple is secretly dumping OSx in favour of Windows sounded strange. Why should… of all things in this world, Steve Jobs sholud secretly hatch a suicidal plot as he has just started establishing himself as a reasonable threat to Windows? – And what kind of a psychology professor could come with such an assessment.

Intrigued, I dug a little about this Yakov Epstein of psychology. People search in Rutgers lead to this page on all Epsteins. (see listing). I looked at the Psychology Faculty listing and there is no one by that name. The only Yakov Epstein is the director of in Math, Science & Computer Education Cntr (MSCE). Then the only other Epstein who is related to Psychology or Psychiatry is Dr. Elizabeth Epstein. She specializations are listed as

Beth Epstein: etiology and treatment of substance abuse and related personality disorders; marital therapy; alcohol subtypes; etiology of psychopathology; cognitive-behavioral treatment of substance abuse

So, there isn’t any Yarkov Epstein, Professor of Psychology who can make predictions about the future of Operating Systems.

I further searched about any Yarkov Epstein with connections to Rutgers and landed at this page. He is not at Rutgers, but at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He specializes in infertility – nothing that Operating Systems are useful in treating.

So whom does Mr. Dvorak quotes to make such bold claims about the future of Apple?

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