Microsoft to allow pirates Vista to run without frills

Microsoft says it will allow pirated versions of its next OS incarnation Vista to run, but will not let the jazzy 3-D graphic features operate unless its license authenticity if verified after ringing home.

“Those who are not running genuine Windows will not be able to take advantage of the Windows Aero user experience,” a Microsoft representative told CNET on Wednesday.

The move is the latest salvo in Microsoft’s broad attack on those who use unauthorized copies of its operating system. In the fall of 2004, Microsoft began testing the Windows Genuine Advantage program, designed to verify that a particular cop

As I now understand, there will be the following versions for Windows Vista

  1. Windows Vista Business
  2. Windows Vista Business – Pirated Aero Disabled
  3. Windows Vista Enterprise
  4. Windows Vista Enterprise – Pirated Aero Disabled
  5. Windows Vista Home Premium
  6. Windows Vista Home Premium – Pirated Aero Disabled
  7. Windows Vista Ultimate
  8. Windows Vista – Pirated Aero Disabled
  9. Windows Vista Home Basic – Authentic Aero Disabled

and then there are other third party versions like,

Windows Vista Business – Cracked Aero Enabled

and so forth.

(originally posted at Slashdot thread)

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