Kissinger evaluates India-America Relation

Thanks to Srikanth Meenakshi for pointing to this article, INDIA AND AMERICA: PROSPECTS FOR A PARTNERSHIP By Henry A. Kissinger.

As Srikanth points out it is really fascinating to see how this mind thinks. Read it with what was revealed just 9 months ago. (BBC – Kissinger regrets India comments). In revealed state documents Kissinger had said “Indians are bastards” and Indira Gandhi a “bitch”. His boss Nixon echoed Indira is an “old witch”. Coming on the heels of 1971 Indo-Pak war, these were utter desperations from the mighty masters who were unable to bridle the perceived minnows who chose non-alignment – only due to their lack of heroism.

Now, here is the same guy, older now and perhaps wiser, trying to assess the importance of India for a more despised America in the face of its misadventures in the middle east. (or is it the same old Realpolitiker?) Interesting read, indeed.

Let us generalize his ponderance on globalization

Globalization frequently imposes unsymmetrical sacrifices in the sense that benefits and costs affect different elements of society differently. The losers in that process will seek redress through their political system, which is national. The success of globalization breeds a temptation for protectionism and the need to combine technical achievement with human concern.

Indeed, success of globalization has bread protectionism in America – as can be seen in canadian soft-wood lumber and beef or japanese steel. So when Kissinger says “India and America have an opportunity to overcome these temptations by joint efforts” – read that India should be prepared to give up eventually to the american might.

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  1. In revealed state documents Kissinger had said “Indians are bastards” and Indira Gandhi a “bitch”. His boss Nixon echoed Indira is an “old witch”. Didt the Indian leaders badmouth anyone, or were they always so pristine that they never used such words? Oh, how shocking, that one would use such words.

  2. bb, I do not put so much emphasis the words.  Also do not read that I expect ‘american’ politicians to be savvy or sacred.   This is a particular statement on Kissinger.

    My quote is more on the frustrations to unable to bend India rather than the word per se.  Not to undermine the kind of tactics Kissinger might have used on India, if you go by his adventures in Chile, Argentina, east pakistan or East Timor.  He always  had been anti-india and now it is interesting to read his altered equations. 

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