IISc campus at Mysore University

This one is a real shocker, to say the least.

Deccan Herald reports, quoting the Mysore University VC,

IISc and University of Mysore will ink a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) next month for the setting up of the campus, which, in all probability, will be located near the Academic Staff College in Manasagangotri.

The IISc Governing Council and IISc Court, the decision-making bodies, have recently given a green signal for the new campus. The construction of a full-fledged campus will be taken up with financial assistance from the Union Human Resource Development Ministry and State government,…

I am totally confused at this. With all due respects to Mysore University and its faculties. They simply are too below par to deserve an IISc campus – IMHO. If IISc were to look for an external campus in the neighbourhood, my first thoughts will be Madurai University – with its long, excellent track record in Biosciences. Pune University with its good Physics Department, Biotech and chemistry will, in fact, be the prime candidate. Pune U has long association with TIFR and its proximity to National Chemical Lab should give this type of expansion a big boost. But I understand that Pune U will also get an IISc campus, along with Kolkata. But it deserves to be a part of TIFR expansion, if and when that happens – just to build on its history.

Besides, the plans for Mysore seem to be bizarre, to say the least. “The IISc campus will enable university students gain advanced knowledge and exposure under an exchange programme“. Why call this an exchange, when Mysore campus will, in fact, be a part of IISc? If they are going to be freely moving between the two campus, it is not an exchange. An exchange happens when some students trained by a school (that runs on one set of philosophies) goes to another school to get a totally different outlook.

surprised also to read that Prof. Balaram, the IISc Director says that they can collaborate in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Honestly, I do not see there is anything for IISc faculty to learn from Mysore. On the other hand, they can teach them a lot, inculcate research culture and free thinking. But then why only the traditional PCB? Why not beyond?

And to top it all, the VC says “We have qualified English faculty. IISc would like to have University English lecturers to teach the language to experts in IISc, Bangalore“. Give me a break! IISc has(d) a foreign language section (I learnt German there). Just hire a couple of english experts there and drop ‘foreign’ from the department name. Why make big fuss shipping ‘experts’ across for this. And by the way, are IISc professors informed about this ‘necessity to be educated in english by experts from Mysore U’?

(I am sure Abi might have written something on this, but I avoided reading his opinion first before writing mine).

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4 comments on “IISc campus at Mysore University

  1. Your Stupidity makes me think………why allow internet as a medium to every Tom Dick and Harry……People tend to spread wrong facts through mediums like internet.Such people(like you) should be best ignored( which I am not doing).They are a bane to the society

    Coming to facts and figures,

    MU is one of the oldest universities in India.

    MU almni speak for the university.From N R Narayana Murthy to Prof CNR Rao(I need not name each one of them)

    MU is the brain child of Sir.M.V(A statesman of unquestioned ability)

    MU is also one of the leading R&D centres in India.
    It is with reference to this fact that many IT companies like Infosys,Wipro,L&T….have set shop in Mysore…and also many like TCS,Sasken,Target……have intended to set shop here.

    MU is doing high end research in the field of DIP,Neural Networks,Fuzzy Logic…….which is perhaps unheard of in the universities that you have mentioned.

    I hope these facts are enough!!!!!

    Dont just sulk……Top people always intend to get along with top people!!!

  2. Hi Suhas,

    First of all sorry for the delay in allowing your comment through moderation queue. It has been quite a while since I updated this blog and just now I saw your comment.

    Thanks for your rant. I strongly believe in allowing everyone to say what they feel like, including those who comment on what is said.

    Oldest, brain child of someone, etc. are not the yardsticks someone uses to rate a scientific institution. We use metrics like publication in top rated journals, citation, half-life, patents, alumni success rate and host of other parameters to judge institutions. Pl. go ahead and apply these on MU, without bias and see for yourself. And if you have time repeat that exercise on Madurai and Poona.

    Do not forget that NM and CNRR went beyond Mysore to get their training – and their fame.

    It has been a while since this announcement came, I am not aware if anything really happened. We do press announcements at the speed of light before considering basic facts.

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